Ensure Consultancy provides safety training on a range of machinery safety subjects to multinational organisations, small and medium sized companies, trade associations and universities

Standard Courses

  • Machinery Safety Basics
  • Machinery Risk Assessment
  • New Machinery Directive

Machinery Safety Basics
This course equips delegates with the basic knowledge they need to assess the safety of a machine, without going into a lot of detail about legislation and is intended for hands -on engineering staff and machine operators

Risk Assessment
The ability to carry out risk assessments in general and machinery risk assessments in particular has become a key skill in recent years. We can supply formal or practical courses in all areas of risk assessment, as well as providing the advice and guidance you need on creating, training, organising and motivating risk assessment teams.

Training at all levels
Our trainers are used to adapting their material to suit different audiences and are equally comfortable providing training for management, craftsmen, university students, office staff, factory operators and main board directors.

Tailor made courses
Every organisation’s needs are different and so we would be happy to adapt one of our standard courses or to develop an entirely new course to suit your requirements. Ensure's trainers have travelled all over the world providing safety training to as few as five and as many as five hundred trainees at a time.

Practical approach
Above all, Ensure’s trainers are very experienced both in training techniques and the detail of the subject. These, combined with our no-nonsense, practical approach have made us a first port of call when there is a health and safety training need.