While every business needs to assess and manage the risk of operation, it is companies in manufacturing industries that face the most difficult challenges

This is largely due to the requirements of Government health and safety inspectors, who expect to see detailed written risk assessments for machinery and processes as well as the tasks carried out by your employees. Typically, the difficulty arises because the engineers who understand equipment have little experience of risk assessment, while safety professionals frequently don't have detailed knowledge of the machines or processes involved.

A systematic approach
This is where EnsSure comes in. Our consultants, who all have an engineering background, are highly experienced in using systems based on the BS EN 1050 Safety of machinery - Principles of risk assessment standard. This means they can conduct and document your risk assessments, provide any training you may need, work within your risk assessment team and advise on the quality of existing risk assessments provided by you or your suppliers.

We can supply formal or practical courses for you, your management and staff on all areas of risk assessment, as well as providing the advice and guidance you need on creating, training, organising and motivating risk assessment teams.

Risk assessment manual
The Ensure risk assessment manual is your source of all the information you need to conduct a detailed machinery or process risk assessment that complies with BS EN 1050. It includes step-by-step notes to guide you at every stage and provides suggested actions for every hazard.

Compliance software
Ensure’s Compliance machinery risk assessment software is a well-developed and rigorous software package that allows you to carry out and document a risk assessment complying with EN 1050.
Guiding users through every stage of the risk assessment process, the software is driven by a series of pull-down menus that cover hazard severity, frequency of exposure and how to reduce risk.
Fully Microsoft compatible, the software may be bought as required for single or multiple users.