As all small companies know, keeping up to date with the latest demands of ever-changing health and safety legislation is a difficult challenge. This is why at Ensure we provide smaller companies with a bespoke health and safety support service to ensure constant compliance, thus allowing you to juggle the many other responsibilities

Health and safety audits
When our Ensure consultants carry out a safety audit on your office or factory, they'll highlight areas needing immediate, medium or long-term attention. The initial audit may be followed up with six-monthly or annual inspections to help you easily conform to the necessary legislation.

Health and safety policies
Any company with five or more employees must by law have a written policy describing how it ensures the health and safety of its people. Not only can we help you draft your policy, but we can also assist in the development and implementation of the systems it recommends.

Health and safety software
In addition to paper based systems, Ensure can provide you with a wide range of software packages
that help
you with:

• Accident reporting
• COSHH assessments
• Manual handling assessments
• Machinery risk assessments

In each package, you're guided through every stage of the assessment via easy-to-use pull-down menus for maximum speed and accuracy.
Each package is fully Microsoft compatible and available for single users or on multiple-user networks.

During a safety audit, Ensure consultants may identify the need for you or your staff to receive health and safety training. Our consultants can deliver formal or practical courses on a wide range of relevant subjects or recommend other training providers.

Ongoing help
Any health and safety support client can call or email
Ensure at any time for advice on health and safety issues. We're also on constant call in the case of accidents or an enforcement action.