A CE mark is used in many industries to indicate that a product meets the essential safety requirements of one or more European Directives

This is a complex area. When it comes to CE marking for machines and equipment, a detailed knowledge is needed of the Directives and their supporting European standards.

At Ensure, this is exactly what we have, because of our experience in writing European standards. Our consultants are here to provide you with advice and expertise on the following Directives:

• New Machinery 2006/42/EC
• Low Voltage 2006/95/EC
• Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/109/EC
• Pressure Equipment 97/23/EC
• ATEX 94/9/EC

Conformity assessment
We have extensive knowledge and experience of carrying out conformity assessments on machines, process plant and production lines. We can either carry out assessments on your behalf or help you do so, covering new and modified equipment alike.

If you and your staff require training on the Machinery, Low Voltage or ATEX Directives, we can supply formal or practical courses. And since most European Directives require risk assessment, training in this key skill is an area in which we specialise.

Technical files
We have considerable expertise in preparing technical files for machines, process plant and production lines. We can also advise you on writing instruction manuals so that they comply with the legislation.

Conformity assessment manuals
To make conformity assessment simple, fast and comprehensive, we produce a series of manuals that give you the full text of each European Directive and a detailed action checklist of how to comply.

Compliance software
We can supply a rigorous conformity assessment package for the Machinery Directive that's linked to our Compliance machinery risk assessment software.
Guiding users through every stage of the risk and conformity assessment processes, the software is driven by a series of pull-down menus that allow you to generate all of the documentation required by the Machinery Directive.
Fully Microsoft compatible, the software may be bought as required for single or multiple users.